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Dungeness Crab Crostini

with smoked salmon & avocado

Filet al Crudo

Bobo’s style Steak Tartare

Heirloom Toy Box Tomatoes

bermuda onions & avocado in a balsamic vinaigrette served with burrata

Lobster Crostini

with garlic aioli avacado & red onions served with burrata

Yellowtail Carpaccio

with diced chilies & olive oil ponzu sauce

Crispy Crab Cakes

with cranberry relish

Lobster Soup

in a mild curry brodetto

The Steak

All entrees served a la carte

We cook our premium steaks medium rare for optimum flavor

Super Bone-In Filet (20+ oz.)

(when available)

49-er Porterhouse (49+ oz.)

(when available)

Surf & Turf

half crab & petit filet mignon

half crab & bone-in filet mignon


bobo’s – style new york & petit filet mignon cooked separately

Bone-In New York

dry-aged up to six weeks

Bone-In Filet Mignon

Voted “One of the Best Things to Eat in San Francisco” by Chefs Feed

Filet Mignon

Petit Filet Mignon

Iron-Skillet Roasted

All entrees served a la carte

Mussels (Single Order)

Mussels (Double Order)

Shrimp (Single Order)

Shrimp (Double Order)

Mussels & Shrimp

Combo Mussels, Shrimp & Crab

Double Mussels & Crab

Double Shrimp & Crab

Double Shrimp Double Crab

Double Mussels Double Crab

Double Mussels Double Shrimp


We only serve crispy Boggiatto’s Farm “iceberg babies”

Apples, Walnuts, Sundried Cranberries

with crumbles bleu cheese in a raspberry vinaigrette


with croutons & shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese

Baby Blue

with pancetta & pt. reyes bleu cheese dressing


tomatoes, pangrattato, avocado & red onions in an evoo vinaigrette

add crab to any salad for $8.00

The Crab

All entrees served a la carte

Dungeness Crab Roasted in Garlic Sauce

Whole Crab (2 + pounds)

Half Order (1 + pound)

Three Pounds (for two)

Two Whole Crabs (for three)

Crab Feast (for four)

The Fish

All entrees served a la carte

Basa a White Fish Filet

sauteed in a soy-butter glaze with seaweed


Twice-Baked potato

Baked Yam

with brown sugar butter

Brussel Sprouts

with pancetta

Swiss Chard

with garlic & olive oil

Portobello Mushrooms


sauteed with garlic & evoo – pangrattato

Bermuda Onion Rings

Mod Mac

modern mac & cheese


Difference between a very good steak,
a great steak and The Steak

Aging is a natural process that improves the tenderness and flavor of beef. There are two types of aging: dry-aging and wet-aging.In the ‘70s, a less expensive aging process became popular that put the beef in vacuum-sealed Cryovac bags, allowing the meat to age in its own juices, hence the term “wet-aging.” This produces a tender steak, but does not enhance the flavor.

What About The Crab

We buy only Dungeness crab that weighs at least two plus pounds (for those meaty legs) and is harvested from the nearby Pacific Ocean. The whole crab is roasted and drizzled with our crab butter sauce.

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a landing spot for many kinds of seafoods, but a glance at the big sign overlooking the parking lot (or at the smaller signs posted around the city pointing the way to the wharf) gives a clue to which is most important. Both signs feature the distinctive shape of Dungeness crab, one of the treasures of the West Coast fish market, and the symbol of the Golden Gate fishing industry.

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